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Why advertise in the IMD ?

The Irish Medical Directory is Ireland's premium medical publication.  

First published in 1852, it was relaunched as an  annual in 1994 by the Minister for Health.

Meticulously compiled by Dublin GP Dr Maurice Gueret, the IMD is the most popular and most consulted publication received by Irish Doctors.

Known affectionately as 'the Bible', over 2,750 GPs receive a free copy at their surgeries annually. Remaining copies are ordered from across the healthcare sector. 

Advertisers support the IMD with good reason. 

The Irish Medical Directory has no peers when it comes to cost-effective promotion of key brands and services in one strategic location. We offer extremely good value for repeated and targeted exposure over a full year of the publication. Whether its hospital or clinical services, medicines or medical supplies - this is the publication to be seen in. 


The Digital IMD brings our real time information resource to every single registered Medical Practitioner and Pharmacy in Ireland - free of charge. Advertisers may display details and links to their services via Smartphone, Tablet,  iPad, laptop or PC. 

Almost 10,700 Irish Doctors, Pharmacists and allied Practitioners now receive our monthly IMD News bulletin by e mail, which gives them a brief relevant summary of News, Appointments, Forthcoming Meetings, New Products and Services, Clinical Events, Retirements and Deaths. 

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